Thinking about Downsizing? - FIVE Tips to Get You Underway during the Holiday Season.

By: Marcel Gery & Barbara Blaser

Thinking about Downsizing? - FIVE Tips to Get You Underway during the Holiday Season.

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Even if you are just thinking about downsizing… getting ready for the Holiday Season is the perfect time to start the process. Decorating, shopping, cleaning it’s a busy time of the year – why not shop in your own home as you may find that perfect gift for someone. Read on for five tips to help you plan, organize, declutter, clean and get a jump start on the New Year – it’s just around the corner...

  1. If you’re a list person – start there!  Wander through your home and make a list of all the items you love and can’t live without. Try one room a day or week and you’ll be surprised how many items don’t make the list.
    The Kitchen will be an eye opener – how many mixing bowls, platters and utensils do you really need? Wrap them up!
  2. Get 3 Bins/Boxes Ready!  Label them TO KEEP – TO SELL – TO DONATE/GIVE AWAY
  3. Sort through a drawer or closet a day/week. If you’re like most people there may be drawers full of paper, pens and assorted items. Get a paper shredder and have it handy to shred any personal documents no longer needed.  Check your community recycling program to ensure they accept shredded paper.  Don’t forget the BINS – there may be a local charity that will appreciate your donation at this time of the year.
  4. Seasonal Decorations – GET THE BINS!  This is the year to scale down and sort out who gets what? You may need more bins/boxes for each family member or DONATE. Get comfy and make some decisions!
  5. Ask for Assistance. Ask a friend or family member to help especially when sorting out old photos – make a day of it and enjoy the process.

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