Planning Pays Off Part One: 4 Tips to Prepare your Home for the Market

By: Marcel Gery & Barbara Blaser

Planning Pays Off Part One: 4 Tips to Prepare your Home for the Market

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It’s the beginning of a new year and you may be thinking about goals and plans for 2019. The earlier you act on a goal or plan, the more likely you are to achieve it! This is especially true if you’re thinking about selling your house and finding your next dream home this year. Even if you’re not sure you’ll sell in 2019, it makes sense
to do some preliminary planning. You can them jump on any
opportunity that might unexpectedly come your way.

Getting Started:

1.    Gather all paperwork: Survey, Tax and MPAC assessments, receipts, warranties, contracts for any home improvements ie. new roof, furnace, hot water tank, pool, appliance manuals, maintenance schedules and contractors. Consider a binder with all paperwork together or go digital and be ready.

2.    More paper work… Operating Costs – heat, hydro, water, alarm system, home insurance etc.

3.    Home Improvements:  Make a list of any home improvement that need to be completed – remember your home must be running smoothly just as you would want in a new home.

4.    Give us a call and we can help you prioritize and work the numbers to show you best steps to prepare your home. Remember, you’re not alone!

Stay tuned for Part Two...